Merry Christmas (etc.) Everyone!


Or whatever holiday you prefer.

And a happy New Year!



Happy Halloween!!!

A Happy Halloween to one and all!


Kathy and I are moved into our new (rented) home but still surrounded by boxes, some of which still contain much of my library. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get my stuff organized so I can start thinking about blogging again…

Doing my part for the war on Christmas…

…By putting up Christmas lights on the house while wearing my ‘Blasphemy is a blast for me‘ t-shirt:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

[More shirts can be found at Evo-T’s.]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Not my living-room unfortunately…

Making Halloween “sausage”

Halloween is coming on fast and I am already behind. This year we have a nice new mummy (with glowing eyes) to add to our yard haunt and I have decided to make him a Papier-mâché sarcophagus and some other props and make a whole display of it.

Here is the sarcophagus lid as it is so far, just a, hum, ‘skeleton’ if you will.


Funny thing I just noticed. In the display cabinet on the left side of the picture you can just make out a miniature souvenir Mayan sarcophagus lid that my parents brought me back from a trip they took to the Yucatán.

And here is a “little” obelisk awaiting some paint and hieroglyphics:


Have to hurry up and get these done so I can maybe work in a little sphinx to go along and then I want to try and get this ghost effect I being thinking about for a couple years working.