Happy Halloween!


A happy Pi day to one and all!


Happy Lincoln & Darwin Day!

The Emancipator and the Evolutionizer, together again!!!

Happy Lincoln & Darwin Day everyone!!!

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Halloween 2014 (retrospective)

I tried to keep things a little less complicated this year… I think I succeeded, at least I didn’t feel as stressed at sunset this year. Here are a few pics in more or less the order one would see things as they approached the house.

med_skel_2014med_front-house_2014sm_walkway_2014door_ghost_2014We had an OK number of trick-or-treaters, though I had hoped for more on a Friday night. It was threatening to rain so that might have kept the numbers down a bit. Here is a video taste of how I greeted them (got a fair amount of scares in):

Next year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so I am hopeful for a better showing then.

Happy Halloween 2014!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween Everyone!

Go ahead kids, I’m sure it’s fine… Bwahahahaha!


Happy Halloween!!!

A Happy Halloween to one and all!


Kathy and I are moved into our new (rented) home but still surrounded by boxes, some of which still contain much of my library. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get my stuff organized so I can start thinking about blogging again…

Happy Darwin/Lincoln Day!

…the Emancipator and the Evolutionizer, together again!!!

Happy Darwin/Lincoln Day everyone!!!

Halloween 2011 (retrospective)

Behind as usual, my Halloween review.

As with pretty much everything else in life lately I was feeling rather unmotivated about Halloween this year, especially, my thinking went, given the fact that Halloween fell on a Monday. I figured there wouldn’t by much trick-or-treat traffic in our already low traffic area, so I was not really planning to do much in the way of decorating.

However my motivation was restored by a trip to the annual LA Live Steamers Halloween Ghost Train in Griffith Park (Los Angeles). One of our tenants, ‘Pineapple’, works for the railroad and volunteers for various railroad activities and charities and knowing my fondness for all things Halloween he invited me to be amongst the friends and family of that get to ride the first couple of Ghost Trains for the evening (the Saturday before Halloween).

On my way down to Griffith Park I wanted to make a stop at a favorite used book store in Pasadena, Archives Books (a theological bookstore with a ‘healthy’ selection of creationist books) but I got a bit lost on some side streets and ended up getting a rare glimpse of the Ghostbusters mobile (I’m sure Halloween is a busy time of year for them):

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Happy Halloween!

A happy and spooky Halloween to one and all!

Happy Darwin/Lincoln Day!

A day to celebrate science and freedom!