Merry Christmas everyone!

And a happy New Year!



A new evolution sign for my collection

Whenever I’m out and about (and have my camera) I like to collect snap-shots of commercial signage that is related to evolution in some way. There’s nothing deep about it, just something I like to do. Anyway here is the latest example that I have added to my collection:

This particular sign was for a used car lot down the street from where I work (lately, when there is work). For the rest, if you’re interested, see the signage collection page on my web site.

The Carnival of Evolution #30 is up!

The latest Carnival of Evolution is up over at Bob O’Hara This Scientific Life!

I’ve recently been asked to join the CoE as a contributor, which is great, I’m honored to be asked. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to contribute to this particular issue, which is not so great. Still, you should all go check it out for lots of interesting evolution related blogging.