Goodbye Stan Lee


Some Xmas gifts plus

Just wanted to share a couple fun Christmas presents I got this year and a couple of gifts I got earlier in the year that I have been meaning to post some pictures of but had not yet got round to doing so.

The first is an amusing caricature of yours truly, drawn by Gabriel Corral (who was, until recently, one of my co-workers):

A caricature of me riding a sauropod while waiving a Darwin-fish flag. The caption reads: "Not scientifically accurate".

A caricature of me riding a sauropod while waiving a Darwin-fish pennant. The caption reads: “Not scientifically accurate”.

He drew caricatures of each of us who work, or worked, at AFS Printing as Christmas gifts.

Next is a painting by my sister, Kindra Pizarro, of a skeleton tree:

An original painting by my sister Kindra.

An original painting by my sister Kindra.

Very cool (be sure to check out her Etsy store: Voodoo Kitty Handmade Oddities).

Finally a couple of neat dinosaur statuettes given to me by my friends Don and Gaynell Frack, I think for my last birthday (or maybe even last Christmas, can’t recall):

A Stegosaurus statuette.

A Stegosaurus statuette.


A Triceratops statuette.

Apparently they bought them, for a very reasonable price, at an art sale put on by a Buddhist temple. Both are very cool, though I think I like the Triceratops best. The only problem is my ever finding a place to display them where the cats won’t be able to destroy them (first world problems).

So that’s it for now, thank you so much Gabriel, Kindra, Don and Gaynell for the thought and the gifts!

Making Halloween “sausage”

Halloween is coming on fast and I am already behind. This year we have a nice new mummy (with glowing eyes) to add to our yard haunt and I have decided to make him a Papier-mâché sarcophagus and some other props and make a whole display of it.

Here is the sarcophagus lid as it is so far, just a, hum, ‘skeleton’ if you will.


Funny thing I just noticed. In the display cabinet on the left side of the picture you can just make out a miniature souvenir Mayan sarcophagus lid that my parents brought me back from a trip they took to the Yucatán.

And here is a “little” obelisk awaiting some paint and hieroglyphics:


Have to hurry up and get these done so I can maybe work in a little sphinx to go along and then I want to try and get this ghost effect I being thinking about for a couple years working.