Happy Halloween!


Halloween 2014 (retrospective)

I tried to keep things a little less complicated this year… I think I succeeded, at least I didn’t feel as stressed at sunset this year. Here are a few pics in more or less the order one would see things as they approached the house.

med_skel_2014med_front-house_2014sm_walkway_2014door_ghost_2014We had an OK number of trick-or-treaters, though I had hoped for more on a Friday night. It was threatening to rain so that might have kept the numbers down a bit. Here is a video taste of how I greeted them (got a fair amount of scares in):

Next year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so I am hopeful for a better showing then.

Happy Halloween 2014!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween Everyone!

Go ahead kids, I’m sure it’s fine… Bwahahahaha!


Happy Halloween!!!

A Happy Halloween to one and all!


Kathy and I are moved into our new (rented) home but still surrounded by boxes, some of which still contain much of my library. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get my stuff organized so I can start thinking about blogging again…

Halloween 2011 (retrospective)

Behind as usual, my Halloween review.

As with pretty much everything else in life lately I was feeling rather unmotivated about Halloween this year, especially, my thinking went, given the fact that Halloween fell on a Monday. I figured there wouldn’t by much trick-or-treat traffic in our already low traffic area, so I was not really planning to do much in the way of decorating.

However my motivation was restored by a trip to the annual LA Live Steamers Halloween Ghost Train in Griffith Park (Los Angeles). One of our tenants, ‘Pineapple’, works for the railroad and volunteers for various railroad activities and charities and knowing my fondness for all things Halloween he invited me to be amongst the friends and family of that get to ride the first couple of Ghost Trains for the evening (the Saturday before Halloween).

On my way down to Griffith Park I wanted to make a stop at a favorite used book store in Pasadena, Archives Books (a theological bookstore with a ‘healthy’ selection of creationist books) but I got a bit lost on some side streets and ended up getting a rare glimpse of the Ghostbusters mobile (I’m sure Halloween is a busy time of year for them):

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Happy Halloween!

A happy and spooky Halloween to one and all!

Halloween Yard Haunt 2010

Well this year was a lot less stressful than last year, though it was still stressful and a lot of work (for one person). But I got most of what I wanted up and dressed, though a few detail were missed (my fog machine chose to fail for example) and it can always be better. Likewise the trick-or-treat level was OK for our neighborhood but I would still like to get a lot more traffic (I failed to get the yard haunt signs up at the ends of our street, which might have helped).

Anyway here are some pictures; I’ll start with the ones shot in low light to give you an idea of the desired look and then give a few shots with the flash so you can see more detail. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod or the photographic skills to get really good low-like pics (maybe next year). Click on the pictures for larger versions.

This year I brought my guillotine outside and put it front so the kids had to walk by it to enter the graveyard on their way to the front door.


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A Very Scary Halloween To One And All!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Image via Pumpkinrot.

Halloween Yard Haunt 2009

Well, this year was bittersweet. I (mostly) finished a large new addition to our haunt (‘The tomb of the mummy’), however between that and the other little things I tried to do, I bit off way more than I could chew. The result was I didn’t properly finish anything and didn’t even get the old stuff dressed right (no glowing monster eyes, or spooky music etc., etc., etc.). Nor did I get the street signs up to attract more traffic.


I guess I just have to look at it as everyone keeps telling me: “hey you’re all ready for next year now.”

I’m not though. I still have to put finishing touches on several of this years additions and then there are the plans for next year that were already thought of but put off due to lack of time and money.

Still I want to acknowledge the help, not only physical and financial but also artistic, that our friends Don and Gaynell Frack gave us. I also want to thank them for putting up with my near meltdown when as the sun was going down I realized we weren’t going to make it to a proper finish. Thank you both!

Anyway here are some pictures (all taken by Don Frack):

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