Happy Lincoln & Darwin Day!

The Emancipator and the Evolutionizer, together again!!!

Happy Lincoln & Darwin Day everyone!!!

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Copernicus found

The remains of 16th century astronomer and priest Nicholas Copernicus have apparently been found by archeologists in Poland. Way cool. The picture (right) is a reconstruction.

Via Evolving Thoughts.

So it’s true, Darwin is to blame…

John Wilkins has dared to do what none of us in the evolution defenders camp has had the courage to do. He has faced the TRUTH and systematically documented some of the horrors visited upon world Jewry at the hands of Darwin and his followers from 38CE to the present.

Wilkins you monstrous bastard! How can I live with myself now that I have gazed upon this soul scorching truth about Darwin laid out so irrefutably?

The damned

[Shuffles away from computer sobbing.]

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