Halloween Yard Haunt 2010

Well this year was a lot less stressful than last year, though it was still stressful and a lot of work (for one person). But I got most of what I wanted up and dressed, though a few detail were missed (my fog machine chose to fail for example) and it can always be better. Likewise the trick-or-treat level was OK for our neighborhood but I would still like to get a lot more traffic (I failed to get the yard haunt signs up at the ends of our street, which might have helped).

Anyway here are some pictures; I’ll start with the ones shot in low light to give you an idea of the desired look and then give a few shots with the flash so you can see more detail. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod or the photographic skills to get really good low-like pics (maybe next year). Click on the pictures for larger versions.

This year I brought my guillotine outside and put it front so the kids had to walk by it to enter the graveyard on their way to the front door.


The garage door got a new treatment with a couple of gargoyle sconces with flicker candles on either side and a flaming skull on shield in the center.


Next the graveyard:





The front window:


Then the Mummy’s tomb:



Now with the lights on:





mummytomb5I’ve got some ideas for a few new things next year, but I better get started on them in, say, January…


8 thoughts on “Halloween Yard Haunt 2010

    • Thanks. We had a fair amount of kids (for our neighborhood) but I would like more. Of course I was still putting on finishing touches as the sun went down so I didn’t make into costume until several groups had already come and gone.


  1. Tell me the secret on how the bricks are made,you can tell alot of time was put into detail.Lighting was good.Yes,apprehensive is the feeling I would have had to approaching this house. The dummy trick on the porch would have made me drop my candy….take that anyway you care to.Good job!


    • Thanks Bobbie. I assume you mean the “bricks” in the mummy tomb? The backdrop is painted on Styrofoam sheets (attached to a wooden frame) and the blocks on the ground are cardboard boxes with a little Papier-mâché & paint.


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