Irreducible complexity reduced

YouTuber QualiaSoup has produced a very nice, concise, refutation of the “irreducible complexity” argument used by intelligent design creationists against evolution; check it out:

One thought on “Irreducible complexity reduced

  1. While I have only recently been exposed to the vast differences between evolutionary thought and ID, I am very interested to learn. Could someone take some time with me to walk me through the irreducible complexity debate? It seems to me to be a somewhat solid argument, but I must admit a decent amount of ignorance on this subject. Having been raised in the church, I have not had much exposure to the gambit of these thoughts. While naturalism (or Darwinism, or evolution, or whatever was fashionable to be against at the time) was vilified, I was never encouraged to look any farther than the answers I had always been fed. Perhaps someone would be gracious enough to spend some time talking me through this.


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