Teach the heliocentrism controversy!

The latest shirt at Evo-T’s (men’s & women’s) makes the point that “teaching the controversy” in  schools isn’t necessarily a wise thing.

Intelligent design creationism vs. evolutionary theory is no more a controversy than the Earth centered model of the solar system vs. the Sun centered model of the solar system. So if you want to teach the former you might as well teach the latter.

Believe it or don’t, there are still people out there that seriously believe that the Earth is the center of the solar system (if not the universe) and that there is an evil atheist conspiracy to foist “Copernicanism” on the world.

For examples see:

Welcome to the 15th century!


Copernicus found

The remains of 16th century astronomer and priest Nicholas Copernicus have apparently been found by archeologists in Poland. Way cool. The picture (right) is a reconstruction.

Via Evolving Thoughts.