Is that what it takes?

Now I have no illusions about my blog being another Pharyngula or anything but with at least a couple hundred views a day, from around the world, you’d think I’d be getting few more comments.

Where are all the would-be “creation scientists” eager to show me the error of my ways? Here I am writing post after post spanking the heck out of their intellectual leaders and rather than reasoned defenses or even primal screams of rage I get:

Fine, let’s try Chuck & Beans advice:

inteligent design ain’t science!

Now I know this might seem like little more than a blatant cry for attention (which of course it is) but I am honestly curious about the seeming lack of comments around here. Is there a ‘visits per day’ threshold that one has to cross in order to overcome some sort of comment inertia? Has there been any research on this?

Oh, and hat tip to Scott Weitzenhoffer for the cartoon.


10 thoughts on “Is that what it takes?

  1. The Theists seem to jump out at strange (to me ) places. I’ve seen spirited defenses of personal gods on posts about poultry. Also, Brittany Spears seems to concern them a great deal. Hang in there with the rationality thing. It’s more fun anyway.


    • What I have noticed, or think I have, is that when they are confronted with fairly competent and technical rebuttals to their arguments (and not just from me) that they seem to go quiet. They seem to prefer getting into more superficial flame wars involving philosophical or theological issues; issues that are a little less clear cut than matters of fact. At least that seems to be the case from my perspective. And since I avoid addressing issues like the existence of God, they don’t want to engage.

      I dunno.


    • Yeah, my problem is that I really like to get my ducks in a row on a lot of these things and not having an official background in science it often takes time to do the research. Being correct is more important to me than merely scoring rhetorical points and I learn a lot in the process as well. That and writing is sometimes a little bit of an effort for me. I find myself massaging things; rewriting them once or twice before I am entirely happy with them. I really admire that some people seem to be able to just throw things out there that are well written like it’s nothing (just did what I was talking about on that last sentence :)).

      I could do more little throw-away posts but is that what people are looking for in a blog?


      • Oh, and I work for a living. Not sitting at a desk with a computer in front of me where I can take the odd moment to blog or Facebook, but standing, “chained” to a noisy, smelly, printing press. So I can only even think about blogging at night and on the weekends. But I’m not bitter! :I


  2. inteligent design ain’t science!

    Those who think ID is science aren’t likely to to be so intellectually scrupulous as to care how something is speeled.


  3. Creation Scientist…is’nt that an oxymoron?

    Seriously, there is no such thing as a creation scientist, just someone dressing up in a lab coat and playing make believe…best you can hope for is determined trolls for jeebus.

    Somehow, I dont think that is the kind of engaging conversation you might be looking for…


    • Creation Scientist…is’nt that an oxymoron?

      Yes, yes it is. That’s why I almost always use scare quotes when I refer to “creation science” or “creation scientists”.


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