It’s Playing Chess with Pigeons 1st Birthday!

It was one year ago today (March 1st 2008) that I posted my first blog entry. Thank you to all my readers who have given this blog over 67,000 views so far.

I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues who have helped me with research and all those who were kind enough to link to my offerings. I’d like to think that it hasn’t been a bad first year and I hope to do even better in the next.

Once again thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “It’s Playing Chess with Pigeons 1st Birthday!

  1. And congratulations from a YEC as well, who really appreciates the time that is spend on your well-researched and helpfully referenced articles.


  2. Congratulations!

    I just found this site via Sandwalk, and man is this good job! The articles seem very funny and informative, with the in-your-face attitude (that we living in reality can afford) that hooked me up on Pharyngula.

    Also, that quote about pigeons… priceless.

    Thank You and keep up the excellent work,

    -Markus, Finland


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