A new toy for Troy

My friend Don has given me a microscope! He salvaged it from his work where they were apparently just going to throw it away. It’s a bit old but still serviceable and a quantum leap above the even older toy one I had.

microscopeSomeday I would like a decent dissecting scope (since my interests run more towards the not quite microscopic but still sometimes small). Maybe something with a digital camera built into it…

Regardless, thank you Don!!! Much appreciated!


8 thoughts on “A new toy for Troy

  1. This looks very nice! I always wanted do a sperm count (for personal use only). This equipment looks like it will do the job nicely. ;-)


  2. Always nice to save a useful item from the dump. While it looks a bit aged, it appears to be of good quality.

    Looks like a 2 speed coarse/fine adjustment, and I can’t tell if that is an adjustable stage, but it looks like it could be. Only drawback I see is it could use a halogen bulb upgrade. But hey, you don’t quibble when the price is right : )

    There are days I will drag out our microscope, have one of the brats go get me some pond water, and spend an afternoon looking at all kinds of neat stuff. Have fun!


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