Fossil Rock Anthem

A little bit of musical paleo fun (hat tip to Mr. Weitzenhoffer):

For those unfamiliar the video for the original “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO can be found here.


Something from the weird file…

Pirate metal vs. a giant squid!

Huh…, oookaaay.

[Hat tip to PZ]

Symphony of Science – The World of the Dinosaurs

[Hat tip to Brian Switek]

Symphony of Science – Evolution

Not my cup of tea* musically but fun just the same:

Hat tip to Michael Barton at The Dispersal of Darwin.

*technically no cup of tea is my cup of tea, as I loathe tea.

Evolution Rap from the Galápagos

[Via Why Evolution is True

Metal Mayhem Map!

I just ran across this over on Forms Most Beautiful. It is a map/flow chart of sorts of heavy metal band names.

I give it four “devil horns” up:

four devil horns

Indeed, “All hail” comedian Doogie Horner for its creation, it rocks!


Tiktaalik (Your Inner Fish)

Because there are not enough songs about fossil organisms…

And you have to love the name of the band as well…

Country science

Normally I absolutely loath country music, but this is gets a pass since it’s a joke (WARNING: NOT WORK SAFE or politically correct).

“Deoxyribonucleic asshole”, that’s great! (Via Pharyngula)