Expelled’s intelligent design theory – this IS your daddy’s creationism (Part II)

Part 2 of 2 (click here for part 1)

L.G.Modern high-speed supercomputers have now used large-scale number crunching to calculate the eons of time and probabilities that are required to develop a cell through chance and mutation. The result? The odds are essentially zero, no matter how many millions or billions of years pass. (p.6)

I flat out call bullshit on this one. I want to see references. First I doubt the claim that anyone has wasted the time on a supercomputer. Second I am unaware of anyone arguing that the first cell developed simply through “chance and mutation”. No one knows the process by which the first cell formed, therefore no probabilities can be attached its likelihood.

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Scientific American reviews Expelled Flunked

Scientific American has put up a special section on it’s web site dealing with Expelled, including two new reviews. One by Michael Shermer of the Skeptics Society, and the other by Scientific American’s editor in chief, John Rennie. They also have a couple pod-casts on Expelled to check out. So go check it out

And via The Austringer we find that even Fox News is panning this flic:

After seeing a new non-fiction film starring Comedy Central’s Ben Stein, you may not only be able to win his money, but also his career.

It goes down hill from there. See: “Ben Stien: Win His Career” for the rest.

Remember the NCSE has set up…





…for all your exposing Expelled needs.