Night of the Tenebrionids!

My back yard is overrun with tenebrionid beetles (genus Eleodes), aka stink beetles. This is in Southern California, early May 2010. My wife Kathy is behind the camera making comments from the peanut gallery.

Here is a picture of a larger version I took a couple years ago:

This was a good sized female who was a little worse for wear (note the dent in her elytron/back). She was ovipositing in a dirt road.

Fun with critters

Here we have a Ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla s.) that my uncle found at work and thought I might like to have. What is fun about these critters is that they make a defensive hissing noise when touched. And that is beetle and not “bug” as I mistakenly say in the video.

Here’s a nice close up picture of a Polyphylla by Derrick Ditchburn on a site called “Whispers in Nature” (looks like they’ve got lots of nice critter pics):

Ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla)

Ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla)

Anyway, the poor little guy (actually I don’t know the sex of this individual), goes into the freezer to be dispatched. Later I will thaw it out, pin it up, and add it to my small insect collection.