The amazing Australian Peacock spider

Isn’t he gorgeous? He’s an Australian peacock spider (Maratus volans) and the photo is by Jürgen Otto. He has a whole gallery of even better photos of this spectacular little arachnid that you’ll want to check out.  However what you really have to see is his video of the dance the males perform to attract the females (you might want to watch it on YouTube for the slightly larger format):

Absolutely wonderful images that demonstrate how apt the common name for these little spiders is. Thank you Jürgen for sharing them.

[Hat tip to Jerry Coyne.]


I ran across this video of some beautiful spiders, apparently from Thailand. The third one shown threw me for a second. If it’s not trying to be an ant mimic it is doing a pretty good job of it regardless. Anyway after seeing this I went looking and found a couple more interesting spider vids, check’em out.

Original video missing from YouTube.

Whatever you do, don’t piss it off…

This one is another jumping spider, this time doing a mating dance. Make sure your sound is turned on because you can hear it tapping, thumping and buzzing as it dances.

Original video missing from YouTube.