More from the Antarctic seas

Man that thing looks eerily like a trilobite! But unfortunately it is isn’t. It is however a neat little baby isopod (Ceratoserolis). Isopoda is the group that the woodlice, AKA pill-bugs, AKA sow bugs, that live in your garden belongs to. This probably won’t stop some young earth creationist from claiming it is a trilobite and that therefore evolution is (somehow) disproved, but what can you do?

From National Geographic News, “Bizarre New Deep-Sea Creatures Found Off Antarctica“:

A treasure trove of more than 700 new species has been uncovered in the dark depths of oceans surrounding Antarctica, researchers report. (See a photo gallery of the finds.)

Cool stuff!

Now those are some impressive echinoderms


They’re Macroptychaster sea stars and apparently they go along with a whole slew of possibly newly discovered species and large specimens of previously know ones found in Antarctic waters near New Zealand by a biological survey team.

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