Penn Jillette on the President and our stupid drug laws

Preach it brother Penn!

He’s absolutely right on this. What is the point of imprisoning people for using marijuana? Is it supposed to be for their own good? To protect them from themselves? The most chronic (no pun intended) user of marijuana might not be very productive but that is about the worst you can say about them. The majority of marijuana smokers are productive members of society, that is unless they get busted and imprisoned. Once that happens they’re convicted felons who will be a lot less likely to get a decent job.

“Sorry, we had to ruin your life to keep you from ruining your life.”


As far as health effects, sure if you are a very regular user you might risk long term diseases like those tobacco smokers face but I’ve yet to hear of a marijuana smoker who smoked a fraction of what tobacco smokers do (not counting those who smoke both). How many two pack a day weed smokers are there out there? That would be around 40 joints a day! And it is essentially impossible to overdose on marijuana. If you aren’t operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery, the only way you could kill yourself with weed is to get enough to build a bonfire and jump into the middle of it.

On the other hand with alcohol, which is legal, one need not get into a car to die. Just hop on down down to the local liqueur store, buy yourself, say a 1.5 liter bottle of your favorite hard stuff (I prefer tequila), guzzle it within an hour or so and say hello to alcohol poisoning!

You wanna talk societal effects? How many violent crimes do you think get committed under the influence of  alcohol vs. marijuana? I bet they aren’t even in the same galaxy. Yes there is violent crime associated with marijuana on the trafficking end but that is due to the fact that it is illegal (the same was true of alcohol during prohibition).

There is no rational reason why marijuana is illegal while alcohol is legal and the fact that it is, is part of our national insanity.


[Hat tip to Ed Brayton]


2 thoughts on “Penn Jillette on the President and our stupid drug laws

  1. Ive been saying this for years. Agree on all points.

    The only reason weed is still illegal (in most places) is that law enforcement likes their cut of the take
    (from both sides, weed monies seized and state/federal monies for the “war on drugs”) , and right wing bible thumping, pearl clutching, backward thinking, ultra conservative, fundamentalist, republican morons, still have too much sway in too many places.

    My favorite go to quote is “have you ever seen a pot crazed maniac with an axe? ”

    Think about it…then ask yourself have you ever seen an enraged drunk, or a drunk driver, or a wife beating drunk, or an entire family suffering from PTSD from co-existing with a full blown alcoholic?
    I have…on all counts.

    When you consider the societal implications that alcohol has on people, and compare it to pot smokers, it becomes clear, to me anyway, that weed should be encouraged rather than demonized.

    I dont think alcohol should be illegal, but I do believe they should take all the money they spend looking for weed patches, and all the Joe Blows they bust for having a roach in the ashtray, and divert that money to help people traumatized by alcohol abusers. There would plenty cash left over for all kinds of programs that would benefit the community…

    Nevermind all the money the govt would get from tax money, if marijuana was a legal enterprise.

    I fail to understand why the obvious, to many of us, is never understood by the rest of us.


    • Yep. The way we deal with recreational drugs (with the exception of alcohol) is insane, there is no other word for it. And it is doubly so with regards to marijuana given that it is clearly less harmful than alcohol.


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