Darwin’s Pigeons

This seemed apropos:

[Hat tip to the WhyEvolutionIsTrue channel on YouTube.]

One thought on “Darwin’s Pigeons

  1. Very much enjoyed this post. Great to see Darwin’s ancestors carrying on his legacy.

    Personally, I’ve always found it troubling that people who accept artificial selection (which is pretty hard to deny: Chihuahuas from wolves, or the ancestors of wolves etc), explicitly deny natural selection.

    Let’s be reminded that the decision to spilt different animals into sub-species, species, or genus, is an entirely man-made artifact. Nature doesn’t work that way, it creates a wide array of animals through evolution, whether natural or man-made, which we then ascribe a label to. And of course, there are “lumpers” and “splitters”.

    I ask, if Darwin himself, or any naturalist for that matter, had found that first big-cropped, long-legged bird in the wild, surely it would have been a species of its own.


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