Please forgive the mess

I’m trying to do a little customization to the code on my blog (just trying to widen the content area) but the stuff isn’t really cooperating so things might look a bit ugly for a while.

My apologies and suggestion are welcome.

Update: OK, so I’ve implemented some (most?) of the changes I was planning…how does it look? Comments? Criticisms?


8 thoughts on “Please forgive the mess

  1. Overall I think I like it …except that the background is kinda annoying. Could you maybe fade it by about fifty percent, so it’s not so bright?


    • Hi Jon,

      Here is a 35% fade, how’s that look?

      What size monitor are you using? Wide screen or standard? Mine is a standard so I only see a small strip on either side but I can see if you were using a wide screen with large bands of pattern on the sides how it might be a little distracting.


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