U.N. attack on freedom of speech

As reported on the Lou Dobbs program (with an interview of Christopher Hitchens) the United Nations is trying to pass a binding resolution to encourange member states to ban criticisms of religion (especially Islam). As far as I’m concerned the U.N. can stick any such resolution up their collective asses.

Do we really need to listen to lectures from this collection of tin-pot dictatorships (who think nothing of committing untold numbers of  human rights violations  against their own peoples) about the ‘horrors’ of possibly causing offense to  someones delicate religious sensibilities?

It’s even worse than listening to Bush prattle on about defending freedom and liberty while holding people indefinitely without trial (torturing many of them) and wiretapping his fellow citizens without benefit of warrant (just to scratch the surface).

Original video removed from YouTube.

[Via Pharyngula, though unlike P.Z. I don’t find Dobbs to be “odious” even if I  don’t agree with him on everything.]


3 thoughts on “U.N. attack on freedom of speech

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  2. One impartial speech on Fox news in the Television show. He has a definitely tough immigration law plan. The master graduated on the Harvard University. Today he offers his a single Radio Show. He didn’t such as any Usa leader.


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