I’m still here…

Sorry for the lack of new posts but I am working on about three different things right now (and remember I have a day job ;) ). One is a big post on fossil horses, another post has to do with ICR and tunicates and lastly I am supposed to be helping on a rewrite of the Talk Origins Archive FAQ on the Lewis Overthrust (hi John).

The horse piece is dragging on a bit as it involves an ongoing correspondence with people from two major museums and a major university, and I’ve had to make two trips to the local UC library to pick up relevant papers.

So please bear with me, and hopefully it will all be worth the wait.


7 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. Hi Troy,

    It certainly sounds like you do have a full plate. Good luck with your projects (the horse piece sounds really interesting too). If you’re up for it maybe we could post a draft of the thrust fault article here once it’s in decent shape.


  2. “Be assured that I will not be deleting comments merely because I disagree with what is said.

    Though I am sure they will claim I do…”

    Ron Britton said that too… and, well, he’s a lier.


  3. edisb,

    That’s nice but neither myself or my blog have anything to do with that. If you have a problem with someone else, I suggest you take it somewhere else.

    Since you quote my comment policy you should have noted the part about how posting comments that are irrelevant (and yours here is) will be considered to be spamming.

    Please don’t make a habit of it.


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