A cheeky new Evo-T

Evolutionists Do It… With increasing complexity and diversity.


A brand new Evo-T inspired by an old National Center for Science Education bumper sticker, it comes in both men’s and women’s sizes and is sure to have creationists everywhere clutching their pearls in horror.

You know what comes next…

Buy now!

Bye now!


New Evo-T shirt!

There is a new Evo-T shirt available, this time with a little philosophical humor:

“Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?”

Womens Solipsism joke shirtThe Men’s version can be found here [note that you can change the shirt color to taste, however if you do you might want to change the text color as well].

As always the (small) proceeds from the sale of Evo-T’s go towards supporting me and by extension my efforts in defending science education. So you can buy out of the goodness of your heart and help support a worthy cause, or we can do this the hard way…

New shirt designs from Evo-T’s

You may want to wash this one before you wear it, it looks a little funky:

The Germ

Yes, Evo-T’s is breaking out of the text only genre and moving into the world of graphics. Our first offering is a stylized germ (an original creation by yours truly) in both black (pictured above) for lighter colored shirts and white for darker ones. As always there are both men’s and women’s cuts available.

A percentage of every purchase goes towards keeping this blog running and keeping my lights turned on.

So give a hoot and buy a dang shirt! You won’t care much for the alternative…

Special thanks to my brother-in-law, George Pizarro, for helping clean up my pencil drawing into a presentable computer graphic image!

Help a brother out?

Hi all,

Times are kind of tough for my wife and me, as I am sure it has been for many of you. My place of employment (a small print shop in So Cal) has been very, very, slow due to the economy so I haven’t been getting full time hours and the prospect of getting a new job in the printing business doesn’t seem very good either.

One thing I am doing to attempt to supplement my income is to try and boost business at my online T-shirt shop “Evo-T’s” and this brings me to the point of this post.

I am making available add banners in various sizes and colors (similar to the one on the right side of this blog) and would like to request that anyone with a MySpace page, a personal web-page or blog, please consider placing one of these banners on your site. The more traffic I get the more likely I’ll sell a few shirts and then maybe I won’t have to think about canceling my internet connection (one of the few luxuries we have left).


Small Evo-Ts banner

Small Evo-T's banner

Medium Evo-Ts banner

Medium Evo-T's banner

I would of course be willing to reciprocate, and I am also always looking for new shirt ideas. Also if you haven’t already please consider adding Evo-T’s as a MySpace friend.

Evo-T’s site.
Evo-T’s add banners.

Thanks for your time and sorry for the slightly off-topic begging.

Update: Things just got worse. The boss officially informed me that my hours will be cut to a maximum of 24 (three days) a week. A new or additional job is a must now.