Off to a slow start, unfortunately…

Well I’m off to a slower start at blogging than I had hoped due to my wife Kathy having some serious health problems which has, as you might well imagine, taken precedence.

Please check back in again later, hopefully if our luck improves I will be able to be a tad more active here (I have a few ideas rolling around in my head already).



6 thoughts on “Off to a slow start, unfortunately…

  1. John Pieret: I hope she is better soon.

    Thanks John, she’s doing better now (still in the hospital though).

    More than a few of us are looking forward to your blog…

    Argh! No pressure there…


  2. Kathy here-

    Thank you everybody for your wishes of wellness. I am home recovering now.
    Kudos go out to my husband for trying not to let me know how stressed out he has been about my health, for taking everything on at home without complaint.



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