Chick-fil-A-hole News

Just ran across this headline on the blog of flamingly homophobic Rick Pearcey:

200,000-Plus Chick-Fil-A Fans Sign Up to Protect Marriage, “Eat Mor Chicken”

Eating “mor” Chick-fil-A-hole chicken will “protect marriage” just as much as much as same sex marriage threatens the institution of marriage…

Not at all.

Chick-fil-A-hole Nuggets, now with Santorum sauce!


Another Pharyngula podcast with yours truly

The first part was on intelligent design creationists latest attacks on some of the genetic evidence for human evolution. The second was a ostensibly on humanism but strayed into issues surrounding the internecine warfare going on in the skeptic/atheist community over issues of feminism (which I will not touch with a light-year long pole) and progressive politics. Being of a slightly libertarian bent, I bit my tongue and let the anti-libertarian jibs go by (I am used to being casually libeled and slandered by my liberal Democrat friends).

Penn Jillette on the President and our stupid drug laws

Preach it brother Penn!

He’s absolutely right on this. What is the point of imprisoning people for using marijuana? Is it supposed to be for their own good? To protect them from themselves? The most chronic (no pun intended) user of marijuana might not be very productive but that is about the worst you can say about them. The majority of marijuana smokers are productive members of society, that is unless they get busted and imprisoned. Once that happens they’re convicted felons who will be a lot less likely to get a decent job.

“Sorry, we had to ruin your life to keep you from ruining your life.”


As far as health effects, sure if you are a very regular user you might risk long term diseases like those tobacco smokers face but I’ve yet to hear of a marijuana smoker who smoked a fraction of what tobacco smokers do (not counting those who smoke both). How many two pack a day weed smokers are there out there? That would be around 40 joints a day! And it is essentially impossible to overdose on marijuana. If you aren’t operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery, the only way you could kill yourself with weed is to get enough to build a bonfire and jump into the middle of it.

On the other hand with alcohol, which is legal, one need not get into a car to die. Just hop on down down to the local liqueur store, buy yourself, say a 1.5 liter bottle of your favorite hard stuff (I prefer tequila), guzzle it within an hour or so and say hello to alcohol poisoning!

You wanna talk societal effects? How many violent crimes do you think get committed under the influence of  alcohol vs. marijuana? I bet they aren’t even in the same galaxy. Yes there is violent crime associated with marijuana on the trafficking end but that is due to the fact that it is illegal (the same was true of alcohol during prohibition).

There is no rational reason why marijuana is illegal while alcohol is legal and the fact that it is, is part of our national insanity.


[Hat tip to Ed Brayton]

Pay no attention to the creationists behind the ID curtain!

Dr. Barbara Forrest of Southeastern Louisiana University (AKA “Evil, evil woman“), who testified to devastating effect during the 2005 intelligent design trial, Kitzmiller v. Dover (Pennsylvania), has written a scathing expose of the recent shenanigans that intelligent design proponents have been up to in Louisiana (and Tennessee) which I highly recommend you read.  It seems that once again the ID proponents are having difficulty keeping their creationist petticoats from showing.

I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

See: Discovery Institute to LA Family Forum: “Repeat after me: ‘The LA Science Education Act is *NOT* a creationism law.’”

Obama Murdering America with TEH GAY!

President Obama’s recent decision to stop defending the so called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has got a lot of “conservatives” squealing like pigs.

For example Rick Pearcey (who seems to be in a perpetual panic about TEH GAY) has got himself worked up into a frothy frenzy over at his “Pro-Existence” blog.

After some foreplay in the form of a lengthy quote from a rancid anti-gay opinion column published in, self proclaimed second coming of Jesus Christ Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Timesnewspaper“, Pearcey finally ejaculates:

Pearcey: If Obama is successful in his campaign to discriminate against the Creator of the Declaration, and against the Creator’s norms for human sexuality and married life, he may well go down in history as the president who delivered the final gleeful blow in the murdering of America.

So if Obama doesn’t perpetuate discriminatory practices against homosexuals —practices apparently favored by Mr. Pearcy’s deity (who I assume is not the Rev. Moon)— he will be “murdering” America?

Really?  Gleefully “murdering” America? Really?

Now I’m not particularly a fan of President Obama and can find plenty to disagree with in his policies, but that is some severely hallucinatory bigotry right there.

Arizona Shootings, the American Left and The Daily Show

Before I launch into a bit of a rant, for what little it’s worth, I’d like to offer my condolences to the families who lost loved ones and my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to those wounded in the attack in Tucson Arizona last Saturday (1-8-2011).

For the last few days I have been reading and listening to “liberal” friends and media pundits shrilly denouncing all Republicans, “conservatives” and/or tea-party members as malevolent violence inciting demons who, I am given to understand, are almost entirely responsible for the horrific shootings that took place in Arizona on Saturday. Yes they had a minor assist in the crime from the apparently schizophrenic  gunman Jared Lee Loughner but judging by some of the rhetoric emanating from the Left-wing of the country, the real perpetrators of this monstrous act of violence was, in descending order of responsibility: Sarah Palin, various wingnut talk show hosts and Republicans and tea-party people in general.

It is true that Loughner seems to be a deeply disturbed young man but apparently, according to many on the Left, he  likely never would have contemplated violence,  not even in his most fevered psychotic dreams, had not Sarah Palin used target symbols on a map of North America during the last election cycle; which for all we know Loughner never saw.

Yes, there can be no doubt whatsoever that young Loughner was nigh on brainwashed into doing violence by Palin and her tea-bagger minions and we know this based on… Well he shot a Democrat, and, ah, tea-baggers don’t like Democrats and many of them have engaged in overheated extremist rhetoric, with target thingies, therefore Loughner must be a tea-bagger.

That is sum total of evidence that I have seen presented for Loughner’s supposed tea-bagger motivations. The (apparent) primary  target was a Democrat (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords) and some tea-party/Republicans have used extreme possibly violence inspiring rhetoric therefore any violence done to a Democrat must therefore have been perpetrated by someone sympathetic to the tea-party/Republicans and who was inspired by their rhetoric.

Of course slowly over the last few days details about Loughner have started to leak out that if not good evidence against his supposed tea-bagginess, at least seem not to fit the stereotype. This of course led to the equally ridiculous Right-wing backlash.  According to some on the Right now Loughner is a “Marxist-loving, Hitler-loving, Bible-hating Atheist Doper ” and his atheism may have contributed to his motivation in some way.

This backlash caused some on the Left to finally start looking for evidence for what they already thought must be true (that Loughner is a tea-bagger). For example my estimable colleague in the fight against antievolutionists, P.Z. Myers, after having “guessed” on his blog Pharyngula that the perpetrator of the shooting would turn out to be a “Teabagger who listens to a lot of AM talk radio“, responded to the conservative backlash by posting a screen shot of what was purported to be Loughner’s voter registration, listing him as a Republican and asking sarcastically: “My eyes are getting a little old. Does it say “SOCIALIST” for political affiliation?”

When it was pointed out that this image was a hoax and that Loughner was in fact registered as an independent, PZ added an addendum noting that is was fake and saying: “I’m a little mystified about why anyone would forge a record like this, though.”

It seem pretty obvious to me why they did it. They faked this image for exactly the same reason PZ, based on zero evidence, “guessed” that the perpetrator would turn out to be a tea-bagger and for the same reason he uncritically posted the fake image in support of his earlier guess. They did it because they wanted to exploit this tragedy to score rhetorical points against their political rivals. The truth can be sorted out later.

That’s fine. PZ has every right to do such things.  However it may tend to detract from his credibility when he wants to criticize Answers in Genesis the next time they imply (stupidly) that similar tragedies can ultimately be pinned on Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory, as they did with the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings.

However amongst all the anti-bagger wailing and gnashing of teeth, there were a couples of well known Left leaning pundits that commented on the tragedy whose responses I thought were spot on. First  Jon Stewart:

Daily Show on Arizona Shootings, posted with vodpod

Exactly right! Thank you Mr. Stewart.

Secondly with a shorter and more comedic take, Stephen Colbert:

Once again we have to depend on the “clowns” for reasoned, rational discourse…